Best Blender for Hummus

If you’re making homemade hummus and want to find the best blender for hummus making, there are many options available on the market. These blenders are designed to perform various tasks, such as chopping, grinding, and pureeing. They are also available with different attachments for emulsification and whipping. They feature powerful motors that can easily process any ingredients, and their short jugs are perfect for storing in the kitchen.

Top 10 Blenders for Hummus

For those looking for a blender to make hummus at home, we’ve found the best-featured and tried-and-true hummus products. These blenders have great capabilities for hummus. You can easily make hummus in your kitchen by choosing the one that suits you.

NutriBullet 1200W Blender Combo


NutriBullet is a popular brand that combines a blender and food processor in one convenient appliance. The combination offers a variety of uses, including hummus, sauces, and baby food. Its compact design makes it an ideal blender for small kitchens. The blender has five different speed settings and a pulse button. It is dishwasher-safe, too.

The NutriBullet is priced a bit higher than other blenders, but it’s still affordable. Typically, you can find one for under $$$$ at most retailers. While most NutriBullets are high-end, they do offer special deals from time to time.

One feature that sets this blender apart from other blenders is its removable blade assembly. This blade assembly is dishwasher safe and includes a blade for 24 and 32-ounce cups. The blades feature a 4-prong design and are made of stainless steel. The blade assembly is also designed to reduce leaks.


  • This blender can be used to blend chickpeas into a smooth consistency. It’s also very easy to use. It is one of our favorite blenders for vegans.


  • If you prefer chunky hummus, the motor may not be powerful enough to allow you to do so. You will need to pulse it carefully.

Ninja Professional Chopper

ninja chopper

A Ninja Professional Chopper Blender for Humus is a great way to make this popular spread. These blenders have a high-powered motor that’s perfect for blending a variety of ingredients. This includes taking, oils, spices, and chickpeas. They also have a large blending container with a 72-ounce capacity.

The Ninja Kitchen System comes with a single-serve blender and a countertop blender. It also comes with a specially designed food processor bowl to make perfect hummus. You can also use the blender to grind dough and chop vegetables. The blender comes with different blades so you can use it for any task you need to perform. This blender is one of the best-selling Ninja blenders.

Another great feature of this blender is its ability to pulverize ingredients. It can even make super-smooth green smoothies and creamy nut butter. It also has a temper feature that helps process thick hummus without having to scrape the sides.


  • For efficient storage, the containers can be stacked inside one another.
  • The containers can be used for serving, storing, and cutting.
  • Easy to use.


  • Some owners noted that the blender can easily blend food. If you prefer a more chunky texture, you might need to avoid over-blending your hummus.

Vitamix 5200 Professional-Grade Blender

vitamix 5200

The Vitamix 5200 Professional-Grade blender for hummus is a versatile kitchen tool that combines the power of a powerful motor with a compact design and easy cleaning. It can be used to blend hot soup and even grind nuts and coffee beans. The machine also features stainless steel blades and a seven-year warranty. The jug holds 32 ounces of hummus, which is large enough for generous batches. The jug is not dishwasher-friendly, but it is easily cleaned by hand.

Its two-jar design makes it easier to mix ingredients in small amounts. The five buttons on the machine are easily recognizable and easy to use. The Wildside jar pushes ingredients into the blade system to create a smooth texture. It also features a timer and pulse button. Compared to a single-jar blender, it takes less time and effort to make hummus.

Aside from the hummus-friendly design, the Vitamix 5200 comes with a 64-ounce glass jar with a wide pouring spout and a specially-designed tamper. This allows you to mix ingredients without the risk of spilling them. You can also use the tamper to add additional liquid to a thicker hummus. And if you want to be even safer, you can always wash the jar with hot water and a few drops of dish soap.


  • It is made of durable plastic and has a well-built engine that will last.
  • Large stainless steel blades can easily cut through foods. It can handle other ingredients as well, not just chickpeas.
  • You have many options for speed control to choose different speeds while on the move.
  • It can wash itself, just add soap to it and turn it on.


  • This blender is not cheap, price is around $400
  • The blender comes with one large 64oz pitcher. There are no smaller options.
  • Very rare cases of motor overheating. Always refer to the manual for details.

Braun MultiQuick Hand Blender

braun blender

The Braun MultiQuick Hand Blender for Humus has an ergonomic handle that looks like a ski pole. Its blade shaft clicks on and off with an easy trigger under your index finger. It also has an ActiveBlade, which helps you push the blade closer to the bottom of the vessel.

You can also use this blender for other recipes. Most hand blenders come with whisk attachments, which are great for mixing and chopping. This machine also has a large capacity, and it is dishwasher-safe, so no need to worry about spills or messes.


  • Features a powerful motor of 750 watts.
  • It runs quietly so that you don’t have to be afraid of using it.
  • It only has two buttons, making it easy to use.
  • This blender can be used to make a wide variety of recipes with over 20 different speeds.
  • The attachment includes a whisk and a food processing attachment that expands its use.


  • Some reports mention that the whisk is fragile.

NutriBullet Go Portable Blender

nutribullet blender

The NutriBullet Go Portable Blender is an excellent blender for making hummus. Its 1200-watt motor is sufficient for blending chickpeas to a smooth consistency. The design is simple and functional. The blender is equipped with two smoothie cups for blending various ingredients. The 600-watt motor is sufficient for mixing hummus in batches.

It has several settings to help you blend different ingredients. Its blades are three inches long and made of aircraft-quality steel. It can churn frozen ingredients and nuts and is fast enough to blend soups. Buyers say that the lid is secure and does not leak.

Its portability is another benefit. Its compact design and low noise level allow it to be taken anywhere. You can easily carry it around with you on a picnic or a hike. The GO cup holds ten ounces of ingredients. You cannot overfill it, which is ideal for travel.


  • The 130z cup is compactly packed: You can fit it into a backpack, or in a suitcase.
  • Innovative design: Bring your blender with you on the road.
  • Low engine noise: This blender is one of the quietest around, but we all know how loud some other models can get.


  • Small: The 130z cup can only hold 10 ounces of liquid, and cannot be filled to the limit.
  • Not very powerful: The low-powered engine might struggle to make hummus.

Breville Blend Active Compact Blender

breville blender

The Breville Blend Active Compact Blender for Humus is one of the most popular models among hummus enthusiasts. It’s easy to clean, has a single-speed dial, and has a 600-watt motor. This compact blender is an excellent choice for home users and is great value for money. However, it may not be ideal for families or those with large families.

With this food processor, you can make nutritious meals that will keep you full and satisfied. It has various features, such as chopping, grinding, and pureeing. It’s also easy to store and has a stylish design. It comes with a transparent 450-ml bowl, blade, and blender bottle. It also has a storage lid, which is a plus.

You can process almost any ingredient with this machine. Its powerful motor allows you to blend all kinds of foods. You can use it to make hummus and other foods, and you can even make smoothies on the go with it. The jug is only 64 ounces, making it easy to store in any kitchen.


  • Includes a food processor attachment and a portable blender.
  • Angled steel blades can be used to chop up all kinds of food.
  • The blender will stay stable with non-slip feet.
  • The blender can be transported easily with integrated cord storage.
  • Available in a variety of fashionable colors.


  • It can be difficult for you to wash the blending bottle because it is so thin.

KitchenAid K400 Variable Speed Blender

kitchenaid blender

The KitchenAid K400 Variable Speed blender is a great tool for making hummus. The 1200 watts of power is ideal for smoothing chickpeas into a paste. This blender also has a built-in auto-clean function, so you won’t have to clean it too often. It also comes with 3 cups, which is great for larger batches and has BPA-free lids.

This compact countertop blender has five speeds for blending various ingredients. It also has a pulse and crush functions. It is also useful for making sauces, baby food, and other dips. The five speeds are clearly labeled, and the blending process is easy and quick. The pulse feature is particularly useful, as it can make the hummus puff up.

Designed for use in the kitchen, the KitchenAid K400 Variable Speed blender for hummus has a classic design. It is available in several different colors. It also has a glass jar that makes a unique decorative touch. Despite being tall and narrow, the jug is large enough for generous batches of hummus.


  • Size: The large jug can be used for larger batches and the opening at its top makes mixing simple. It also has a handle that makes it easy to hold and lift.
  • Effective: Narrow Jug makes mixing more efficient.
  • Great design: Elegant, timeless design in a variety of colors that will match your kitchen’s decor.


  • The motor’s power is limited
  • Bulky: The base is 12lbs in weight, so be aware of that if you plan on moving it around.
  • The base can slip in use: The motor can cause the base’s move a lot during processing.

Mueller Austria 500 Watt Stick

mueller blender

Mueller Austria 500 Watt Blender for Hummus is a versatile food processor with a few great features. It has a Dual Direction Blade Technology to make hummus fluffier. This technology helps the blades move in both directions, making it easier to spray the ingredients. It also has a glass jar that doesn’t absorb food odors, and it can be cleaned at higher temperatures.

This powerful immersion blender is made for making dips, sauces, and spreads. The handle is ergonomic, and the motor is made of copper for durability. It is easy to use and is a great choice for those who don’t want to use a large blender. A few pros to this blender include its durability, ergonomic grip, and warranty.

The main jar is durable, with BPA-free plastic and a liquidation capacity of 64 ounces. It can also blend 72 ounces of hummus, which is a large quantity. It has a spout to easily pour out the finished product, and it can easily serve a large family twice a day. The motor is powerful enough to crush hard ice, vegetables, and fruits. Its low-noise design makes blending the ingredients easy and comfortable.


  • This hand blender is a great value at around $40. It’s a bargain for a 500w motor.
  • You can blend as fast or as slow as you want: Nine-speed settings, turbo, and pulse modes offer lots of flexibility.
  • Simple to use: A comfortable grip makes it easy to control.
  • Maintenance and cleaning: Removable shaft to make it easy to clean.


  • Designed for quick use. Not recommended for long-term use. Can overheat quickly.
  • Not suitable for all pans: The bell guard’s edges can cause damage to your pans.
  • Too powerful: Turbo mode makes it harder to control the Mueller.

Vitamix 7500 Pro Blender

vitamix blender

Vitamix is known for creating powerful engines that look like muscle cars for their blenders. This 7500 model is a great option for home or professional cooks looking to make delicious hummus. The 7500’s motor power is listed at 2.2 horsepower or 1640 watts. This means that this blender can run at speeds of 37,000 RPMs. The motor’s average sound level is 40-60dBs, which makes it very manageable despite its incredible output.

This powerful motor makes it easy to clean your dishwasher with hot water and dishwasher fluid. This jar and food processor combination costs almost $600. It’s obvious that you are getting professional-level equipment. Although it might seem difficult to justify spending so much on a blender, the Vitamix 7500 is far more expensive than the rest.

The cup holds 64 ounces and is 9 inches tall. This keeps it low profile but does not compromise on volume. High-grade Tritan Copoluster is a durable plastic that has a narrow top. This allows for vortexing, which pulls ingredients down and assists in blending. A removable plug can be added to the jug to remove air pockets or add additional ingredients like lemon juice or chilies. You can choose from chopping, pureeing, and grinding at ten speeds. Different blender attachments allow for whipping or emulsifying.


  • High capacity: The Shorter 64oz Jug is great for kitchen storage. It doesn’t sacrifice capacity.
  • Multipurpose, not just for Hummus: Powerful motors and sharp blades allow you to process any ingredient quickly.
  • Mix any ingredients until they are perfect manual speed controls let you control ten speeds and a pulse mode.


  • Price Point: This blender is a lot more expensive than a traditional blender, which could do the same job at a fraction of its cost.
  • Accessories are not included: Useful accessories like a 32oz container or scraper can be purchased separately. This increases the cost.

Vitamix One

vitamix one

Vitamix’s first step in making blenders more affordable is the ONE. It offers the same power, but at a lower price. Although the ONE’s retail price is $250, it is still $100 less than the Vitamix Explorian. But, are we really sacrificing any value for this drop in price?

Vitamix’s ONE has a sleek, minimalist design that immediately makes an impression. It is clear that Vitamix has gone for style while reducing its larger, more comprehensive products.

The ONE is completely unadorned by sharp edges and has a sleek, streamlined design that sets it apart from other Vitamix blenders. It only weighs 6lbs and has one dial to control the speed. If you have limited kitchen space, the ONE can be stored in a cabinet or on the worktop. Vitamix markets the ONE more as a home-use smoothie maker, in contrast to their other models that are professional-level blenders meant for the home. This can be seen in the 890-watt engine. While it is perfectly capable of handling most kitchen tasks, it is only half of what Vitamix engines usually offer. It also has a significantly lower noise output than other Vitamix food processors. This 32oz jug can make large batches of hummus. It is also narrow and tall so you can create a vortex that will help to blend ingredients. Although the jug cannot be washed in a dishwasher, it can be easily cleaned by hand. The ONE blender is an excellent option for those who have always wanted one but are hesitant to spend $400.


  • A great addition to any kitchen. The minimalist design and stylish look are welcome addition.
  • Value: A Vitamix blender at a more affordable price.
  • Compact: The smaller size makes it easy to store or leave on the counter, and doesn’t take up too much space.


  • The price of the blender is still quite high.
  • Limiting speed control: A single dial may be sufficient to adjust speed.
  • Less powerful motor: Smaller engine size than other Vitamix food processors, but powerful enough to make hummus quickly.

What to Remember When Buying a Blender

When purchasing a blender, there are a number of factors to consider, such as your budget. Depending on the brand and functionality, blenders can cost anywhere from 20$ to more than a thousand dollars. However, keep in mind that more expensive blenders can require more resources to operate and may not be ideal for you.

Check the motor specs

Before buying a blender, it is important to check the motor specs. Usually, the higher the wattage of the motor, the better it will be. Lower-wattage blenders will struggle to handle thick frozen drinks, sorbets, and granitas. You should also choose a blender made of stainless steel, as opposed to plastic. In addition, check the drive socket, which should be easily replaceable and inexpensive. The drive socket is a part that protects the motor from overworking.

To buy a blender with the proper motor specs, check the wattage and torque. It is crucial to know how much power the blender uses and how much power it generates. The wattage number of the motor is usually found in the fine print of the blender’s description. The torque is also an important factor, as it keeps the motor from straining when resistance meets it.

Check the material used

When buying a blender, it is important to check the material used for the jars. The material of the jars will determine how durable they will be and how much washing they will go through. Stainless steel jars are durable, easy to clean, and can withstand various temperatures. However, they do not offer the same level of transparency as glass and polycarbonate jars. If you want your blender to be on display, glass jars are a good choice.

Check the warranty

When buying a blender, it is important to check the warranty. If something goes wrong with your blender, you can use the warranty to get a replacement. This warranty typically covers a year. However, you must contact customer support within this time frame in order to have it replaced. After the warranty period has expired, you will need to pay for shipping and handling costs to return the blender.

Most blenders come with a one-year warranty, although some have extended warranties. The warranty covers the blender from manufacturing defects but does not cover misuse, negligence, natural disasters, or cosmetic changes. It also does not cover a blender that has been repaired or modified by someone else.

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